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About the products
Soekris is proud of our family of products. We believe quality begins at the design level, and continues throughout inventory control, manufacturing, testing, assembly, and order fulfillment. All Soekris boards are designed to be efficient, both in form factor and power consumption. Cost is minimized through design efficiency rather than skimping on components or processes. We encourage you to take a closer look at any of our boards and notice the difference. Our boards and cases are proudly made in Silicon Valley, USA, and we’ve been working closely with the same local contract manufacturer and enclosure manufacturer since we started in 2001. This allows us to better manage product quality, as well as respond quickly to customer needs, whether a large volume order or a customized board and/or case.

All Soekris products:
-offer proven reliability
-consume minimal power
-feature industrial grade boards and enclosures
-include customizable design options/flexibility
-are open source software optimized to provide maximum flexibility and functionality for many different applications and industries
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What's New?
2.5" SATA dual hard drive mounting kit for the net6501
2.5" SATA dual hard drive mounting kit for the net6501
13.00 EUR
null-modem cable 15 feet
null-modem cable 15 feet
12.00 EUR
6.00 EUR